December 30: John Cena Wrestling Figure

Monday, December 31, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:09 AM
Given to Thomas from Dan.

Part I: The Blog is Winding Down

This year has been full of entertaining surprises and I've enjoyed the privilege of spending time with 365 great people this year; I've met over 200 new people in the process, including today's exchanger Thomas.  I met him as he and his fiance were preparing to meet with their wedding officiant at a local Starbucks; we got together after he returned from his honeymoon.

Below is a list of some memorable exchanges:

-Most unusual place: It definitely has to be getting a two-for-one exchange on my return flight home from San Jose, CA, meeting fellow passenger Jesse and flight attendant Breezy in the process

-Most serendipitous: "I, too, love U.S. Presidential history" sounded like sweet nothings when my long-lost friend Sharon gave me two DVDs--JFK and W--along with her gift and agreed to come with me to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Museum in Fremont, Ohio

-Quickest: 6 minutes with Jessica; when it was over, I felt like I could run down the leasing options for a new car in the four seconds left on a 30-second ad

-Most spontaneous: I was visiting my brother in Minneapolis and I walked down to visit his neighbor Carol in the basement of the apartment complex.  I asked her if she wanted to participate, she immediately said yes, then walked into her apartment and plucked her gift off the wall within 10 seconds.

-Longest distance I've traveled for one:  I'm based in Cleveland, but I've incorporated my exchanges during my travels to San Francisco (the longest), Minneapolis, Chicago, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

-Most random non-exchange part of the exchange: When my friend Ray and I got together, the waitress asked us if we'd like to get dessert three times.  By the third time, we knew we weren't getting out of that place without our thighs begging for a break.

-Profession: Data Manager

-Favorite part of the wedding vow: The part in ours when we took the Green Lantern oath

-You are probably familiar with the expression 'doubting Thomas'.
What % of the time do you doubt?:  40
What % of the time do you believe?:  20
What % of the time don't you care?: 40

-If Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Kinkade were competing against each other in a swim race, who'd win?:  Kinkade would be first, then Edison, then Jefferson.  Edison probably took a lot of naps, so he'd be tired.  Jefferson probably had some ancient disease and wouldn't do well.

-You've been known to eat apples in the shower.  What fruit wouldn't be appropriate to eat in the shower?:  Oranges and other skinned citrus fruits
-What would be a good fruit for the bath?:  Grapes
-What would be a bad fruit for the bath?:  Pomegranates