December 3: Starbucks Giftcard

Monday, December 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:49 PM
Given to Meghan from Jaclyn.

Disclaimer: This post is not a recommendation for or against cross-dressing.

I spent the day at the meeting in a hotel conference room.  The air in this hotel was kept on the cooler side and when that happened, girls grabbed their assortment of clothes to layer up and keep warm, while the dudes just kinda sat there cold.  I started doing a mental checklist of ways women and men have it better in terms of wardrobe options.  Here's what I came up with:

-shawls & wraps:  I guarantee you I'd wear one when the temp dips low like it did today.  People probably would think a guy with a shawl would have problems.  Women just wrap them around and they look good and get warm.

-scarves: In Europe, no problem.  Here in the States, it's a women's only club.

-legwear: Speaking only about business dress, women can opt for a skirt or pant suit.  Guys are stuck with just pants.  It sucks.  I have a fine pair of knees and they feel all crimped inside my pants.

-leggings: Stockings are great, I'm told, for keeping legs warm without bulk.  When it gets super cold, I usually don some long underwear.  Not the same, people.  And I've been found out...and ridiculed for it.

-blazer: Men can throw on a blazer at any point, over anything...and it looks, at worst, passable, and then the scale climbs up from there.  My friend Olaf has a tattered blue blazer with a couple of buttons missing on the arms.  He throws it on and, presto chango, he's back in the game.

-I've got nothing else.  This is sad.

-Profession: Policy Analyst

-Favorite southern food: Hush Puppies

-Since you work with governors of all 50 states, what athletic competition do you think would be most appropriate for them to partake in and, thus, be ranked?:  Rolling chair races.  Rick Perry would win because he's wily.  And because he has a competitive streak in him.

-How much a factor was getting the alumni couples' postcard in marrying your spouse?:  70%.  He's sweet and dear and I love him, but I was very excited about being part of the couples' statistic.

-Hiking and yoga are two of your hobbies.  What yoga pose might a hiker do?:  A tree pose on top of a mountain.  It's very grounded.