December 5: Crap To-Do Lists, Duh Post-It Notes, and OMG Phone Message Pads

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:41 PM
Given to David from Carrie.
The 'LOL boss's suggestions' are missing
I added one item to my Christmas list this year--a 24/7 closed circuit television, camera, and DVR system.  Am I having trouble with the security around my apartment?  Am I plagued by nightmares of supernatural beings assembling around me as I sleep?  No and No.  I am concerned about something of a deeply threatening personal nature--I get spontaneous growths of hair and I really want to capture this "springing up" with video.

Here's what happens: As I prepare for bed, I brush my teeth, maybe shave, take out my contacts and wash my face.  I usually do a once-over to make sure I don't have any eyebrow TV antennae.  The ears, for instance, are included on that sensor sweep.  Last night, I went to bed weird hair growth-free and woke up this morning with a monster of a hair in my left ear...probably a good half-inch.  I am SO perplexed!  The hair on your head doesn't grow like that, so I'm insanely curious about how you can go from nothing to a half-inch over the span on one night's sleep.

I'm not ashamed at all about this, but the line that Billy Crystal utters in City Slickers about ear hair is what runs through my mind.

-Profession: Higher Education Administration

-Favorite holiday tradition: Satyr Dinner with Friends

-Your job is centered in international affairs and having nothing surprising come up.  If you could participate in an international incident, what would it be?:  Doing something with and for a dissident--someone speaking out against a government.  It'd be great to help get them out of that country.  It would be difficult, but positive.

-Since you travel a lot for your job, do you have a memorable plane conversation?:  I was flying to Europe and I got into a conversation with a guy about what the universe was about.  He got into string theory, the big bang, and the origin of the universe.  With conversations like this, they can get deeper on both a scientific and theological level.  When I mentioned that my cousin was a famous astrophysicist, the conversation got very animated.

-You're taking a trip to Brazil at the end of the week.  How do you think their culture would react to the gifts you got today?:  They'd be amused by it.  They're a very outgoing culture and people want to enjoy life.  There would be certain culture who wouldn't appreciate it would be the Japanese culture.  They wouldn't take it the right way.