December 13: Toro Power Shovel and Scarf

Friday, December 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:07 AM
Given to Dave from Mandi.
The only reason Mandi participated was to
get rid of this.
Christmas cards are flowing in the mail and friends and family have sent me their holiday-cheered photo or Christmas letter that details their past year's transgressions.  In the past, I've sometimes have sent a Christmas card, but never a letter or a photo.  But I was re-thinking that thought this past week.  While I have firm rules that any family photo should not have anyone in all jean clothing sitting barefoot under a Christmas tree, for example, I would consider posing with the fam in a giant stocking as if we were all "stuffers".  Perhaps each of us in mid-routine around a candy cane pole or our family in a sack race competition Norman Rockwell-style might also spruce up a card design.

As far as the letter, I'm still wary about spilling the beans on an entire calendar year's activities.  They seem to general.  Maybe if we had a thematic letter, such as a recap of all of our medical issues this past year might work (i.e. In May, Dad had his ingrown toenail cut down and, just a few weeks later, Mike got a mild laceration from clearing a lot of brush from the backyard.)  Or maybe a log that chronicled our consumption of maple syrup throughout the year could carve out a niche in the Christmas letter genre.

-Profession: Accounting and Income Tax Educator

-Favorite fantasy character: Superman

-Jones, your last name, is the second most popular surname after Smith.  If you could choose an uncommon surname for yourself, what would it be?:  An English name...somewhere in the British Isles.  Merriweather

-What part of the tax code cold keep you up tossing and turning at night?:  Section 2131 on estate tax.  It's the most unfair tax by 100 miles.  I don't like it.

-You consider yourself 50% Midwestern, 50% Southern based on where you lived.  If you spent time in the Pacific Northwest, how might that round you out?:  I'd learn to live in a desert.  I'd be more appreciative of water, wide open spaces, volcanoes, and the beauty of the landscape.