December 10: Sprawling Monkey, 5 Packs of Cheryl's Cookies, and a Card

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:30 AM
Given to Jill from Sal.

A great night overall.  I acquired my first blog groupie this evening via the Velvet Tango Room, a swanky cocktail bar in Cleveland turned corporate friend.  I'm not sure what it gets me other than a superfluous ego boost and smiles from the bartenders, but at least I can tell people that my popularity is on the rise.  Late last week, I had to dispel rumors that I was going to be replaced by an interim gift exchange blogger.  Hopefully, my newfound groupie status staves off any coup until the end of the month.

During the course of Jill's and my conversation, the subject of odd collections came up and the random crap that people collect (think salt & pepper shakers, shot glasses, etc).  Jill's mom collects monkey lamps with leopard lampshade print.  My brain still hasn't processed that one.  I don't have anything that would amount to a collection other than a boatload of plasticware from take-out I've eaten over the past six months.  I could have Christmas dinner for 40 if disposable cutlery was the only criteria.  Of course, I didn't want to hide my head in shame for the rest of Jill's and my conversation, so I didn't bring it up.  To her credit, she has no bad collecting habits.

She'd keep the ladies dancing, but only
if they were doing Riverdance.
-Profession: Restaurant/Bar Manager

-Favorite day of Christmas: Day 12 when you get everything, except I don't collect things and I don't want the geese or the milking maids.  I will take the leaping lords and golden rings, though.

-If you were to modernize the Jack & Jill rhyme, where would they be going and what would they be getting?:  They'd be going to the Velvet Tango Room for a cocktail.
-What do you think Jack's least desirable characteristic is?:  He's clumsy.

-You just came from an event building gingerbread houses.  Where would you hide the spare key in your house?:  Under the gumdrop next to the fire pit.  But I'm not telling you which color it is and there are two fire pits.  I don't want you to find it.

-You celebrated a prior birthday in three time zones in the same trip.  If you could celebrate your next birthdays is three different spots, where would they be?:  I'd watch the sunrise at the Great Wall of China, then lunch on the moon, then dinner with Bruce Springsteen at the Taj Mahal with Roy's Steakhouse as the caterer.