December 18: Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:38 AM
Given to Dana from John.
Adjustable for double-dutch fun!
My friend Marie and I were catching up this afternoon over an above average frosted Christmas cookie and cup of Keuring-brewed coffee.  This is the same Marie who spurns my culinary advances in favor of highbrow conversations about lettuce, marinades, and...frosted Christmas cookies.  "Daniel," she says as sweetly as a piece of candied ginger atop an iced cream cheese carrot cookie, "tell me if you think the frosting-to-cookie ratio is too large for these cookies."  And so we begin an in-depth analysis of the tray of frosted Christmas cookies in front of us, including how we could make the frosting more impactful (a thicker border with a lighter filling-in of the middle, for instance), as well as reducing any dark yellowing on the edges, particularly on star shapes with a greater surface area.  I'd recommend a 7-8 minute baking time in a convection oven, with a turning at the 4 minute mark for most of your traditional Christmas cookie recipes.

As far as the cookie-to-frosting ratio, I'd recommend it to be 2-to-1.  Remember, the cookie is just a vehicle to get frosting in your mouth--an edible spoon if you will.

"Some Enchanted Evening...With This
-Profession: Music Therapy Student

-Favorite piece of junk mail: Sweepstakes Winnings

-Dana Corporation is a U.S. auto parts company.  What do you think their featured part is for the month of May?:  A stereo system.  But it has to be a completely new kind of stereo system.

-Dana Air is a Nigerian airline.  What do you think the biggest complaint workers have about the airline?:  The flight attendants can't understand what the pilots are saying.

-You like both horror films and musicals.  Can you come up with a plot for a scary musical?:  There's a mob scene of people railing against their town's takeover.  These people, though, have a tendency to just go off...and nobody knows why.