1) How does this work?
Answer:  It's very simple.  You sign up for a date in 2012 where I will meet up with you at a coffee shop, your workplace, or wherever is convenient for you.  On that date, I will give you a gift from the person who signed up on the previous day.  I will collect your gift and give it to the person the day after I see you.  I do not keep the gift, except on December 31, 2012.  

2) How much should I spend on a gift?
Answer: It's up to you.  Funny gifts are good.  But, you can give a bookmark or a 7-week paid vacation to Ireland.  This is a no-pressure exchange, though the person you're giving a gift to would prefer the vacation.

3) Are there any items I should avoid giving?
Answer:  Yes, I will not pass along the following items: old mattresses, jars of fleas, radioactive waste, dryer lint, hair and/or nail clippings, the complete third season of King of Queens on DVD, and any kind of refuse.

4) Are there any preferable items to give?
Answer:  Yes, but only on December 31 when I get my gift.  Sacks of loot with the money symbol on the outside are preferred.