September 15: "Light One Candle: Quotes for Hope and Action"

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:29 PM
Given to Sharon from Angela.
...and get off your kiester.
The last time I saw Sharon was a little over a tenth of a century ago when we graduated from high school.  Recently we got back in touch after I was circling our hometown on a late night stroll and saw her outside of her parent's house.  The conversation went something like "I haven't seen in a while and I'm sure it's all nice what you did the last few years--oh and by the way, I still don't wear deodorant, but more importantly, do you have any junk lying around your house that you want to give away for my blog?"

Sharon and I share the happy memory of dancing together in the musical Brigadoon during our sophomore year.  More aptly, it was Sharon guiding a Gap mannequin with two lead feet around the stage for the entire number.  Dear Sharon, if you're reading this, I never got around to giving you the big props you deserved for that show.   Maybe I can make up for it by buying you a pair of steel-toed boots if we ever decide to re-enact it--right after we pose for prom pictures in your parent's kitchen.  And...I am hoping that we could sway to a Savage Garden song to rekindle some 90s magic.  Sharon? Sharon?  Are you still there?

If a man braids his ear hair, it can be
a big turn-on
-Profession: Grad student; bartender

-Favorite ghost: The one in my parent's house

-SHARON is a wastewater treatment process.  What are the treatment facilities using this most proud of filtering out?:  Tetrahydrochloride
-What are you personally most proud of filtering out?: Excuses and regret

-As a former dancer, are Colbie Callait's "Bubbly" lyrics about the feelings "starting in her toes and crinkling her nose" impossible for a ballet dancer to relate to?:  I can relate to them.  Modern dancers can relate.  But not ballet dancers.  There's not a lot of crinkling with a ballet dancer.  They do what they're told.

-Women have a greater chance in getting offended if a man asks them to pluck a chin hair.  What hair area would a man find offensive if a woman asked him to pluck it?:  Ear hair--always.  I don't get offended--it's like something in your teeth.