December 2: Holiday Serving Set

Sunday, December 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 3:32 PM
Given to Jaclyn from Katie.
If you give this to someone, you could be
the glass straw that stirs the holiday ornaments
A few days ago, Katie bought some perfume and, as a thank you, got this four-piece holiday themed glass set, valued at $50.  If you check the lower right of the picture, you'll see the small circular dot that proves it's value.How did they come up with valuing cheap glass at $50?

It reminds me of a late-night infomerical selling an iron for $39.99.  Before you know it, they're giving you a second and third iron, plus extra extension cords, iron covers, cleaners and a free ironing board.  All for $39.99.  It's like the item you're wanting to buy just exponentially mated with some imaginary figure to produce all these extra goodies for the same price you would have paid for just the single item.

-Profession: Hospital Patient Service Representative

-Favorite way to eat bacon: By itself for breakfast or dinner

-Create a craft project using items only found at a hospital:  I'd take scrubs and white coats and use all the Christmas decorations that are around now.  I'd create a holiday line of scrubs and white coats; people go to the hospital and don't want to be depressed.  This can help with that.

-You recently moved to Cleveland.  Any plans to go to the Visitor's Bureau?:  It's really not very likely.  I'd go to my friends first.
-If you did go and if they did accept tips, what would you tip them for?:  If they could tell me the perfect time and route to take so I could avoid traffic to work, but get to work at the time when I want.  That'd be worth $20.

-You found your roommate on Craigslist.  Tell me three items you and your roommate would shop for on Craigslist together?: 1) Christmas tree; 2) new TV; 3) pet