October 27: Pack of Six White Hangers & Backscratcher

Saturday, October 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:50 PM
Given to Carol from Jeremy.
I'm hung up at how great these gifts are
Before leaving Minnesota tomorrow, I'd like to spread some new-found love to the people here up north.  First off, my thanks to Caribou coffee, which was founded in Minneapolis, for their high-speed internet service, making my posts for the last week possible.  [Blowing kisses]  My second round of thanks goes off to the people I asked up here in the Twin Cities who had little preparation to find a gift; I met some great folks up here. 

I'd also like to thank Carol.  She lives two floors below my brother in the studio basement apartment, situated right next to the laundry room.  When my mom and I were trying to find the laundry room earlier in the week, my mom accidentally wandered into her apartment before a quick caution from me saved her from an awkward encounter.  I had not had an exchanger ready tonight, but at my brother's urging, I went down and met her.  Immediately, she invited me into her apartment and set a record for quickest gift found at 17 seconds.  Seriously.  She walked back into her apartment, turned 'round the corner and grabbed the gift for tomorrow.  [More blowing kisses for you Carol]  It turns out that the backscratcher was a perfect gift given her profession and she expressed a need for some clothes hangers. 

FYI: Carol's on her way to a Halloween party, dressed as Cleopatra.  Hot!

Fortunately, Carol's mild manners
will prevent her from eating crow
-Profession: Chinese Medical Massage

-Favorite image on an overpriced helium balloon: Dog

-You love horses.  When someone ask you to get off your high horse, which ones are you getting off of both literally and figuratively?:  Literally, my black one.  Figuratively, if I'm telling someone to do something and I'm trying to push someone around.

-You also paint crows in your spare time.  How many times, within three, have you used the expression 'as the crow flies'?:  Never.
-Where would the crow be headed?:  North.

-During one of your deep tissue massages when a client was telling you something in depth and significant, how many times have you told that person that what they were saying was "deep"?:  Never.  If they did tell me something like that, I'd probably ask further questions to get them to work that part of it out.