April 14: "Apocalypse-ready" TV, Rama & Shinta figurines, and Mystic River DVD

Sunday, April 15, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:34 AM
Given to Ray from Chris.

When Chris presented me with these gifts yesterday, there was an accompanying short story with each.

"Apocalypse-ready" TV:  His mom bought this analog-only TV (the reason why it will survive the apocalypse) 30 days before the conversation of all TV signals from analog to digital.  She had to buy it because it was "a good sale".  In her defense, you could plug a camera or DVD player into it as it had the right number of ports, but Ray measured the screen size and found that his cell phone display was significantly bigger than the screen size of the TV.  "What am I going to do--plug the Playstation into it?" asks Ray.

Rama & Shinta figurines:  The Asian version of Ren & Stimpy, these belonged to an engineering professor (that Chris worked for) who was cleaning out his office.  He did not have the need for nor want to pack these Indonesian-made figurines with him to Hong Kong where is moving.

Mystic River DVD: Chris bought this in 2003 for no good reason, he says, and never watched it.  He admitted that when he was ill or bored, he would look at this DVD and opted to view something else.  It's never been opened.  Time to unwrap some Kevin Bacon!

-Profession: Counselor

-Favorite branch of government: Judicial

-Which best describes you and why: x-ray, sun ray or manta ray?:  Sun ray because I hopefully can illuminate something.

-How many times have you wished you could have told someone to "take two pills and call me in the morning"?:  A few times.  It's a metaphor for "shut up".

-What's the appeal of being homeless?: Freedom