December 23: Campus Queen 1934 Trophy and "Treasury of Baseball Drills" Book

Monday, December 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:57 AM
Given to Sandra from Paul.
The trophy was awarded for anyone who
could get to home plate.
When Sandra dropped off the food to my table last evening, I'm not sure she knew what she was getting into.  I was impressed with her spunk, so much so that I'll be suggesting that Ben & Jerry's make her custom flavor of Spunky Spumoni, with her face and some thumbs up or something spontaneous adorning the pint.  After a short get-to-know-you conversation ensued, I asked her to be a part of this exchange and--presto--I met up with her today.  4 bonus points to Sandra!

Actually, that's the other thing about her that caught my attention.  We both have a bonus point system in place for people who do awesome things.  The only difference is that I would have to be friends with her for like 42 years before I saw any tangible rewards from it; granted, I didn't flush out all the details from her, but she had something crazy like 100,000 bonus points to achieve anything.  Mine is fairly simple:

25 points = ice cream cone
50 points = free limerick + cone
75 points = 1000 of my American Airlines frequent flyer miles + limerick + cone
100 points = polishing of one pair of shoes + free pint of beer

And the scale ascends up and up.  I think one person got over the 100 point mark and was at something like 175 when I bought her dinner, julienned some carrots for her, and accompanied her to Bath & Bodyworks for over an hour.

For the record, Sandra, as of December 23, 2012, has 7 bonus points.

With one Sandra makeover, I just
became the second most interesting
man in the world.
-Profession: Bartender; Artist; Entrepreneur

-Favorite activity to do on a long layover: Call family

-You enjoy giving people makeovers in your spare time.  How could you spruce me up?:  A suit and tie.  I'd put you on a nice park bench with a great dane and two hot babes standing behind you.  I'd have you smoking a cigar and sipping on a glass of champagne.

-If you and Sandra Day O'Connor were doing your favorite hobbies--gardening and drawing--what would you be doing specifically with her?:  We'd be working on the hot pepper part of the garden and we'd be drawing little babies.

-The sound of laser printers warming up makes you happy.  What does the sound of one being forcibly shut down do to you?:  It freaks me out.  I have to take some deep breaths.