December 24: Photo by Sandra

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:32 AM
Given to Christine from Sandra.

This amazing photo that features a slice of Washington state comes courtesy of Sandra.  In applying the expression "judging a book by its cover" to Sandra, you'd find her interesting, talented, fun and artistic.  But, we're told never to make snap judgements when we are meeting people, so I'm just waiting for her alter-ego, Captain Dullsville, to spring out of her body and put me to sleep.

What won't put me to sleep, I'll tell you, is buckwheat flour.  Mmm..mmm!  I love it.  I was in the flour aisle of the grocery store yesterday, trying to figure out which kind I was going to buy in order to make some dee-licious pancakes for my family.  The final contestants were buckwheat, spelt, and cornmeal.  It took about 30 seconds of rationalizing to get to an answer; let me take you on my reverie.

Years ago, I helped market maple syrup from a local farm at a farmer's market; oftentimes, we'd make buckwheat pancakes.  When friendly patrons would stop by for a taste, they ultimately would mumble something like, " this buckwheat?...mmm."  The 'mmm's' in this instance used to signify deep pleasure and appreciation in eating a tasty colon roto-rooter.  And if they sampled that pancake with that syrup, they'd buy some syrup.  The buckwheat symbolized hearth and home or some other non-sense like that.  Simply put: I cleaned up.

So back to the store.  With this memory firmly in tow, the other two couldn't stack up (har har).  It's fun to impress your friends with spelt by telling them it's the world's oldest crop plant in the world, but buckwheat's the new spelt.  Cornmeal's fun if you don't want certain people to eat your pancakes, namely energy hawks who think it's a waste to grow any corn products designed for eating.  As you correctly predicted, buckwheat won.

-Profession: Theater Tech and Make-up Artist

-Favorite method to spend your money: Tapping my Pay Pass or Blink credit card with a built-in micro chip

-How would two make-up artists who are dating, but are currently fighting, make up?:  By making it look like they got into a fight.  Bruises are fun to make.

-As a figure skater for 12 years, if you had to recommend kids not doing either a triple-toe-loop or a flying camel at home, which one would it be?:  Probably the triple-toe-loop.  If you do a flying camel and miss, you'll land on your stomach and maybe get the wind knocked out of you.  If you miss on a triple-toe-loop, you'll break an ankle.

-What do you think is the most convincing Halloween make-up?:  Real Effects that makes fake blood in disgustingly real varieties like lung blood, old blood, or semi-congealed blood.