December 22: Oberlin College Tote Bag

Sunday, December 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:57 AM
Given to Paul from John.

I did a little peeking into the metrics behind my blog yesterday, including data such as the number of page views I get, where they come from, and how people find my site when they are doing an internet search.  Someone stumbled onto my site by searching "Is deodorant a good white elephant gift?".  Now, as we've been seeing day-in and day-out this year, white elephant gifts are items that are re-gifted or are humorous.  Let's use that description to evaluate this query:

Would deodorant make an appropriate re-gifted item?  The short answer--yes.  For example, if you're an effeminate man who got somehow managed to get some Degree Women in your stocking, that stick might be in fertile territory for a re-gift.  Or if you wear Brut and want to pass on some class to another chap, this would also be excellent to pass back through the cycle.

Would deodorant be humorous?:  The short answer-no.  Most people need deodorant to find a home socially.  I don't want to consider the possibilities without it.  The only time when passing along deodorant would be humorous is if someone's shit, and armpits, didn't stink, and wafted instead of the potpourri found in your aunt's house.  "Yeah, let's get Jim some deodorant for the exchange," exclaims one co-worker to another.  "He smells good all the time.  That will be hilarious!"

-Profession: Development Officer

-Favorite stadium jeer: Give him a kiss

-You used to throw batting practice to Cleveland Indians players.  When you put 'mustard' on the ball, you throw it faster.  What happens when you put 'ketchup' on the ball?:  It's a spit ball--kind of like a high speed knuckle ball.
-What about relish on the ball?:  It's the ejection ball.

-You have a nice mustache...when does a 'stache become creepy on someone?:  When it's trimmed Hitler style.

-Paul the Octopus successfully predicted the winner of the 2010 World Cup.  What else would you trust him to predict?:  Better answers to the stupid baseball questions you just asked me.