November 17: "Primal Leadership" and Jumpdrive Filled with 21 Songs

Sunday, November 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:26 AM
Given to Jessica from Shawn.

Last Friday, the person I was scheduled to exchange gifts with had something come up and couldn't meet me.  No worries!  I had planned to meet up with my friend for a beer that evening anyway and asked the bartender Tina if she wanted to participate.  During the course of the exchange, I peaked the interest of two middle-aged couples sitting along the right side of the bar.  They never asked me any questions, but over the course of 45 minutes, ran through a laundry list with Tina about me.

On the left side of the bar sat Jessica and I got her interest in the project.  Rather than looping Tina into that conversation, she chatted me up and was wondering what in blazes I was doing.  Shortly before I left, she asked what I was doing in a week (today) and said she'd like to participate.  Tonight, I crawled out from my pad, drove and met her out, and conducted the fastest interview on record at five minutes.  While at the bar, I ran into a newly-engaged Annie and her beau.

-Profession: Marketer; Student

-Favorite vegetable to crunch: Carrot

-You love cooking.  How many is too many cooks in the kitchen?:  2

-You also enjoy drinking.  How tall is a tall drink of water?:  5'8" and above.
-How tall is a tall drink of beer?:  5'5" and above

-People always want to be first in something.  Have you ever been first in anything?:  My grandfather opened up the first Harley Davidson shop in Ohio.