December 4: Prann Shampoo and Conditioner

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:16 AM
Given to Carrie from Meghan.
These would have come in handy for Carrie's
theater friends
Twas a fun day at the airport.  I flew Delta and made sure I stocked up on my favorite cookies, those tasty little cinnamon bites made by Biscoff.  I've written about them before and if I had to fly Delta each day this year, every single entry would be about these cookies.  They sell them retail at World Market and I've many family, friends and co-workers delight with "Europe's favorite cookie with coffee".  I like them so much, I'd serve them at my wedding instead of cake.  I like them so much I'd move to a barter economy and trade them as my method of payment.  I like them so much I'd make Lady Gaga a suit out of them.  They're so damn good.

A drop of Dr. Pepper and this theater
major would have gone to med school
-Profession: Alumnae Affairs

-Favorite going out destination: Theater shows and dance concerts

-You graduated from an all-girls school.  Due to a lack of a male population, did any of the females take on male roles (i.e. not shower for days on end)?:  None of my friends or any in my circle.  The theater majors and dancers showered like 20x a day.

-You were one of the first test tube babies in your home state.  Had a smidgen of Mountain Dew been added to your petri dish, what would the outcome have been?:  I already have plenty of energy, so maybe it would have allowed me to be a morning person.  Or jaundiced.

-Instead of dotting the i's in your name with a heart, what shape would you use?:  Bunny ears, which stem from my ambition as a child to be a rabbit.