December 25: City Chic: Six Stemless Wineglasses

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:51 AM
Given to Dino from Christine.
Country Chic glasses only have the stem
This handy little set of stemless wine glasses is perfect for someone who lacks social graces--in particular, how to hold a wine glass.  If you take a normal wine glass with its long stem and try to drink out of it with your chubby little fingers around the glass part of it, you look foolish.  You'll also look foolish if your fingers go up and down on the stem like a string bass during the course of your dinner party.  But I'm not here to offer etiquette tips.  I'm here to momentarily distract you from your last dinner party when you and this guy named Will were talking about which Glad storage bag is the best for gravy and you were looking for an out.

If you bust these out for serving wine, you'll be a-okay.  No stem to confuse things--and only one logical place to grab.  Kind of like a handshake.

If Dino likes you, he'll give you cookies.
If he doesn't, you'll get pita chips.
-Profession: Automotive Service Consultant

-Favorite Flintstone character: Betty

-You enjoy riding motorcycles where a 'hello' wave is low, somewhat cocked thumbs up.  Come up with a new gesture and meaning when riding your motorcycle:  It'd be a flat hand parallel to the ground, which would mean to ride steady.

-Between you, me and the rest of the world, are there any fluff car parts?:  A lot of the pollution stuff could go and your car would start.  And probably the studs on the wheels on the exhaust manifold.

-I'm sure you greatly appreciate hearing the the term 'grease monkey' to describe your profession.  Can you think of an equally flattering slang term for the customers who would call you that?:  PITA (Pain In The Ass)