December 17: "Unbroken"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:58 AM
Given to John from Dave.

If you've used LinkedIn, you are probably familiar with your connections endorsing you.  If you're not, basically someone says that you have skills in public relations or business development or something useful.  I had one of my connections endorse me for event planning today, even though that person never worked with me on an event.  Crazy, no?  Actually, I'd really prefer to be endorsed for frequent trips to the bathroom or a well-stocked snack drawer or always having my sweater tags tucked neatly on the inside.

-Profession: Project Engineer

-Favorite college football team: Michigan

-You enjoy playing video games.  If you were in a real fight, what punch/kick combo would you use?: XX BB L R Trigger [on X-Box]

-You are recently married.  Is there one qualification you'd add to your nuptials?:  Through video games or without.

-Your sister is a U.S. Diplomat.  Do you know if she pays duty?:  She's duty free on the base.  But I never ask her for items.