September 1: Can of Star Gran Ragu Italian Tomato Sauce & Spiedie Sauce Marinade

Saturday, September 1, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:45 PM
Given to Eileen from Jonny.
Don't get saucy with me
Jonny was born in Italy and loves this pasta sauce.  Last year, his wife bought him an entire case of the stuff and whenever he meets someone new or is reconnecting with an old friend, he'll give away a can of this sauce because of how amazing it is. However, he claims it's nothing like what they serve at Buca di Beppo.

For gift #2, he wanted to give something that was reflective of his growing up in upstate New York.  This brand of marinade is not known or sold outside of the region, but is also quite delicious.  Wouldn't the next great advance in romance be couples soaking in their favorite marinades?  "Oh Harriet!  Let me nibble on your honey hickory smoked forearms a little longer!"  I wonder if a woman who uses avocado-based wrinkle-removing creams tastes like guacamole.  "Sweet cheeks, your face is oh-so tender and soft. [kissing sounds]  Would you excuse me for a moment?  I'll be back with some chips."

-Profession: Outreach

-Favorite liturgical vestment color: Red

-You have Hungarian roots.  Within 10, how many times in your life has someone had to you when you're hungry that you're a hungry Hungarian?:  Probably four.  I hang out with the right people, I think.  Maybe in childhood it happened more often, but I don't remember.

-Would you consider bringing and waving a liturgical candle at a Journey concert?:  Oh sure!  In a minute!  I would have no problem doing that!

-Has anyone ever cajoled you by saying "c'mon Eileen"?:  I don't think so.  Usually, they'll tell me 'I lean' a certain way.