September 2: American Eagle Wooden Door Chime

Sunday, September 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:27 PM
Given to Taylor from Eileen.

I'd like to marry two unrelated ideas for you.  First, my friend Ray knows karate and is some level of belt.  He tells me that after a karate or kung fu workout, he comes out of a session ready to kick just about anyone's ass on the street; he feels tough.  Gradually, the feeling diminishes and he goes about buying groceries without incident.

Second idea: on Friday, I saw the new Bourne film with my friend Heather; Jeremy Renner was a good choice, I thought, as the new flag bearer for the franchise.  You could smell 'sequel' throughout the whole thing and the last scene just about tells you the premiere of the next film.  Anyway, you're watching the Bourne films and Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross are adeptly able to sniff out the hired guns trailing them.

The two ideas married here are paranoia and a feeling extended beyond its confines.

I am going about my business here in my apartment and I tell my friend Jack about the neighbor across the way who I hear sometimes, but never see.  Long story short, I think I'm the subject of an FBI sting.  What they're investigating is beyond me, but that could be the only explanation.

-Profession: College student

-Favorite flavor of yogurt: Vanilla with absolutely no fruit at the bottom

-As a native Cincinnatian, is the chili for real or is all just a big show?:  The chili here is truly amazing!

-How many college students would suffer from malnutrition were it not for Ramen?:  Ramen is considred one of the major food groups. You can even eat the noodles uncooked and they taste like chips. Very salty chips.

-Since you enjoy and play softball, do you use softball metaphors as to how far girls can get with guys?:  Ha, no, I feel like the men can pull it off but if your a woman you just seem a little butchy.