September 30: Frozen Margarita Drink Mix, Key West Shot Glass and Two Decorative Plastic Cups

Sunday, September 30, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:11 PM
Given to Tracy from Mandy.
On the Border margarita mix: thirst-queshing for every coyote
If you've ever ordered a bagel from Panera Bread, you know that the inevitable question you'll be asked is, "Would you like your bagel sliced and toasted?"  This morning, I stopped in to get a bagel for breakfast and before the high school-aged baker's assistant could get it out, I said, "I would like my bagel sliced and toasted, thank you."  I really wasn't trying to do their job, but really trying to save them and their speaking longevity.

About a month ago, I was frequenting a Panera Bread and asked a worker how often they say this during the course of a shift.  This person told me they say it so much, they don't even think about it.  They admitted, though, that it was a lot of times to the point of mind-numbingness.  You multiply a lot of times during a shift by 4-5 shifts per weeks and that's a boatload of slicing and toasting.  Do your local Panera worker a favor and say it before they get the chance.  They might not thank you then and there, but when they're 75 and their voice is still going strong and their mental acuity is in tip-top shape, they'll know what a boon you were to them in their impressionable youth.

Kids in Brussels, Belgium also eat
less brussel spouts than the national
average only because they think
it's funny
-Profession: Vocal Teacher

-Favorite color of a leaf: Bright Red

-You enjoy traveling in your camper.  What makes it a happy one?: Having my family in it and going to beautiful destinations.

-As a child, you played the clarinet.  From your experience, have you found that the squeaky reed gets the moisture?:  No, because my very loud clarinet playing didn't earn me lauds in band.

-Do you think people in Lima, OH eat more, less, or the same amount of lima beans as the average American?:  Less, just to be rebellious.