September 25: "Pears a Tumblin' Down" Painting by Aimee

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:56 PM
Given to Elena from Aimee.
Painted by yesterday's gift exchanger Aimee!
Part II: Toilet Twitch
My trips over the past week visiting Lou the Loo have been relatively normal; the sensor on the work toilet seemed to be functioning all right...except for yesterday.  Yesterday was 3 cups of frustration.  First off, I had a medium duration pee--not and in-and-out, wham-bam-thank-you-Dan, but not an I've-had-four-beers-and-two-waters-at-an-outdoor-sporting-event-with-no-clean-port-o-pots-around either.  Again, it was a stand up job for a sit down apparatus.  Instead of having to coax it to deliver my homemade goods to the sewer system, the toilet probably flushed four times!  FOUR TIMES!  For two of the times, I shifted weight from my left leg to my right ever so subtly and it flushed!  And that right face I was telling you about yesterday(but this time I hadn't even turned 15 degrees) produced the other two!

 Is fearr Gaeilge briste, na Bearla cliste
-Profession: Engineering Student

-Favorite fruit to compost: Grapes

-Given your strong interest in the environment, do you dream of a day when the whole world will be clothed in organic hemp clothing and recycling their plastics in separate number bins?:  Yeah, sort of.  Maybe I wouldn't have them sort by number.  They should be bio-based polymers so they could readily and easily absorb into the ground.  And I'd actually prefer people wearing second hand clothing.  The fabric would be processed in environmentally ways.

-Your goal is to learn all romance languages and currently you know Spanish and Portuguese.  What would be the language of one-night stands?:  Gaelic.  It's one of those lost languages.  You would hear it once and that's it.  I tried to learn it as a was hard.
-What would be out-of-love languages?:  Russian...oh, that sounds bad.  And probably German, too.

-You seek out running in the rain.  When it rains, does it really pour?:  When I would start out for a run in cross country, it would drizzle and I kept going and it would always downpour.