September 20: Ganesh

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:15 PM
Given to Sarah from Grant.

It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but a Ganesh is a Hindu god symbolized by the elephant.  He is worshipped as the destroyer of vanity, pride, and selfishness and is the remover of obstacles.  Grant has many Ganeshes in his home and channels the energy of it by staying out of his Deans, faculty, students and staff's way, in order for them to fulfill their ideal.  That's cool.

What would also be cool is if a Ganesh could also remove the following obstacles to make life even better:

-hotel mini-fridge lock
-love interest's chastity belt
-a 2:30 p.m. meeting with your boss when you really want a snack
-a teenager's clogged pores
-Data's quest to become human in Star Trek: The Next Generation
-all hot dog condiments in one easy-to-squeeze bottle

Nearly attacked in WI by a street gang
called "The Squeaky Curds"
-Profession: Alumni House Manager

-Given your background in interior decorating, how might you pull off a faux glaze with a cake donut?:  I would spray the donut with a primer to contain the crumbs; you couldn't brush it on because the donut would be too brittle.  Once the spray dries, you could then apply a delicious faux glaze.

-As a child, you wore an eyepatch.  Do you think that might be one place people on the patch could wear it to get their nicotine fix?:  I would actually be concerned about that.  I hated it.  You would probably have to bribe the smokers to keep it on through an allotment of cigarettes or a cash reward system.

-You went to school in Wisconsin.  Does any cheese peer pressure exist?:  Yes.  I was ridiculed when I first got to the state because I hadn't had a cheese curd, which squeaks in your mouth.  I'd probably apply the same peer pressure if I was in Wisconsin and a newbie came up there, but I'd let it go if I was in another state.