September 27: Backpack

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:20 PM
Given to Carrie from Phil.
We all scream for ice cream!...errrr...GE
Part IV: Toilet Protocol
We're day four into this five part toilet mini-series and today I have one burning question for you.  And before you answer in your head, no, the answer is not Tucks.  The question is, "Are you supposed to wash your hands before you do your business as well as after?"  I would have never thought about this question, but two experiences are at play here.

1) If I have a cold or I'm at the gym and need to blow my nose, I'll generally sanitize my hands, blow my nose, then sanitize after.  This seems to make a ton of sense.
2) My friend Sheri told me she would tear off the first few squares of t.p. because she said peoples' "poop hands" touched the last one.  This thought is now memory burned and your comment--the gift that will keep on giving until I croak--will forever affect me.  Thanks.

I also don't know if washing and sanitizing is over-kill or if I should just do one or the other when I'm finished.  Based on the work bathroom, the hand "dryer" sort of discourages hand washing.  But the Purell they dispense doesn't come with a moisturizing component.  It's a real dilemma.

Kangaroos have no choice about
where they wear their pouch
-Profession: Retail Management

-Favorite shopping list item: Pineapple

-Since you work in the food business, has anyone ever offered you food from their tray?: No, that never happens.
-Have you wanted to eat anyone's food?:  Yeah, the salads.  They are lookin' good--the ones people are making.  I'd like to eat them.

-What advantages does a backpack have over a fanny pack?:  It's definitely more stylish...I wouldn't want to wear a pouch.  It's bigger and can hold more stuff.  And it probably has more compartments.

-Carry & Conceal: Gun Laws.  Carrie & Conceal: My shyness.