September 23: Moonlight Yankee Candle, Bayberry Legacy Candle and Set of Twinkling LED Micro Lights

Sunday, September 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:35 PM
Given to Mary from Emily.
I think this picture might be too phallic
"Happy Fall Equinox!" says Emily to Mary.  The equinox was yesterday--the midpoint between the summer and winter counterparts--and another indicator we're all moving toward a slooow descent into darkness.  To combat the darkness, Emily wanted to pass along some light.  As a speech pathologist, she gets good-bye gifts, including many candles.  At the time of this blog post, she had a dirty dozen in her possession and claims she picked out the two best smelling ones.  Mary and I didn't realize that moonlight had a scent, but it evidently does.  She also had some extra LED lights that she uses in her annual winter art and music festival.  Because it's impact will grapple you at home, I should let you know that Mary plans on scalloping the single string of lights over a window.  Recently purchasing a home whose decor had not been updated in 30 years, Mary thought a single scallop would be a real uptick.

-Profession: Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

-Favorite tun to whistle: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

-Part of your job involves working on the color strip indicators in baby diapers.  What color should they add to Depends?:  Red
-Should there also be an alarm?:  Yes, a fire alarm.

-If "Ways Women Like to Enjoy Time Alone" was a category on Family Feud, how many responses would there be and where would "Burning Candles and Taking a Bath" be on that list?:  That would be #2 on a total of 5 answers.
-What would be #1?: Sleep

-Do guys named Herb feel that their name is too generic like Joe?:  No, I don't think they feel that.  I knew an Herb.  None of the other herbs sound like good names, though.  Maybe Curry would be a better name.