September 13: Matted Sentimental Poem and Unknown Plant

Thursday, September 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:56 PM
Given to Kerry from Melissa.

I felt like I had a scarlet A on today.  I wore a nearly brand new, pristine white shirt, along with a sharp-looking turquoise tie.  I was at my desk taking notes with my blue ink pen and twirled it and the pen dropped and made three marks on my shirt.  [cue my primordial scream]

I asked everyone in my office, people across the way, called a friend in another building and asked some other people wandering on the outside of the building if they had something to get rid of ink in fabric.  No, no, no and no were the answers.  But I kept looking at the damn stain markings the whole day and turned my body to the left whenever I would engage in conversation, shielding the right side of my body from everyone's judgmental eyes.  The embarrassment burned.

-Profession: College student

-Favorite letter on an eye exam: K

-As a soccer player, do you think David Beckham's checks bounce?:  No.  But I'm telling you no just to be difficult with you.

-You want to buy a coffeecake.  Does it help or hurt Entenmann's cause that it's on an endcap?:  It hurts it because I don't check the endcaps for anything.  Then again, there are sales on endcaps.  I should check their spot more often.

-One of your student jobs involves shuffling paperwork around.  Do students realize that this is what they'll be doing when they get "real" jobs?:  No, they don't; paperwork is boring and causes paper cuts.  I dream of playing around with chemicals. Actually, I'm working on a wound-healing polymer.  As long as the cut's not deep, it could help paper cuts heal.