September 10: Pickled Garlic, Balsa Wood Sky Streak Airplane Kit, and Paddywax Candle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:20 AM
Given to Jen from Roz.

There are five kinds of people who participate in my gift exchange:

1) People looking to get rid of crap from their house/apartment via a sexier option than Goodwill

2) People who want the experience of a drug deal, but are either unwilling or unable to purchase/sell illicit substances and choose to mimic that experience by meeting me, a stranger, in a non-descript location--each of us armed with gift bags

3) Bored people

4) Undercover police officers checking to see if I am using this gift exchange as a cover to pass along illicit substances

5) People looking for some good, clean fun

Which one is Jen?  See below.

-Profession: Not working for a paycheck

-Favorite microwave button: The one that opens the door (it's easy to push)

-You're a self-described treehugger.  If nature lovers were not hugging trees, what (A) greeting would humans be offering (B) some part of nature other than trees?:  Hugging Al Gore?  Well, probably hugging a pet is close.

-Since you're not working for a paycheck, do people ever tell you that you're lucky with soooo much free time?:  I don't get it a lot, really.  [By the way], there are a lot of people in the morning yoga.

-How good are you at spotting toupees? (Excellent, very good, good, poor, not good, N/A):  It's both N/A because I'm not really looking for them, but if I see one that sticks out, then it's good.

Answer from above: A combination of #1 and #5