September 9: Plush Clown Doll

Sunday, September 9, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:28 PM
Given to Roz from Cathy.

Listen up kids, it's short story time.  This cute little clown was a gift Cathy's nephew gave her when he was 11 years old.  He said he wanted to give her "someone to talk to".  She promised him that she would keep him for one year.  Eleven years later, she is finally relinquishing the doll that's heard all of her woes...all of the work stresses...all the times she's been cutoff in traffic.  Cathy, I'm glad you're moving on with your life.

Roz works for an auto repair place where my family and I take our cars for service.  Roz and her husband are great folks and they give you a pack of two freshly-baked cookies from a local baker when you leave as a thank you.  I think they're on to my dad, though.  It seems like every week he's bringing in his car for the most minor of things.  "Hey, I think there's a loose bolt by the engine.  Could one of your techs take a look at it?"  They'll take a look, hand him a bill for $79, and he'll get his packet of cookies.

Once, he brought in his car because he had a streak of water on the windshield or something.  They didn't charge him for it, but he loitered in the lobby area, read the local paper cover-to-cover and then started on the auto magazines before Roz asked if she could help him out with anything else.  "Nope," says my dad.  "But, what kind of cookies do you have today?"

The garlics would share Tic-Tacs
before saying goodnight
-Profession: Office and Business Manager

-Favorite kind of bread: Pumpernickel

-Today you attended a garlic festival.  If garlic was going out on a date with another garlic, what might he say to impress his date?:  Nice head

-If you were a Pez dispenser, what flavor of candy would pop out of your neck?:  Passion fruit

-Roz is a slug-like monster with a raspy voice from Monsters, Inc.  If and when might that be an appropriate description of you?:  As I'm raising a teenage daughter