September 29: One and a Half Year Old Bar of Soap, Red Cross Gift Set, and Chinese Purse

Sunday, September 30, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:32 AM
Given to Mandy from Jenny.

I love a story about a well-travled bar of soap, don't you?  Jenny got this bar at a Bostonian wedding in March 2011.  Despite her not wanting to use it, the soap accompanied her on her move to Virginia, then to Ohio.  Now it ends up in the hands of Mandy, who I hope just keeps it around in her closet and moves with her if she ever decides to move.  The weird thing about it is that it doesn't look like soap, but like a slice of a caramel-colored biscuit with a sweet gummy treat in the middle of it.  Why even bother?  They should make soap looks like chisels or a can of varnish remover so you know it's giving your skin a good scrubbin'.

But really, is a year and a half that long a period of time?  You know what's coming and I'm going to say...NO!  I went estate sale-ing earlier this summer and they were selling old soaps at this one house.  Think Holiday Inn from 1973 or The Palisades Inn from 1958!  I'm not embellishing in any way here.  They had this massive collection of hotel and motel soaps they collected over the years.  I passed.

Barry Manilow wouldn't have her
any other way
-Profession: Communications Coordinator

-Favorite Dinosaur: Saurolophus

-Where did you come from, what did you give, and what didn't you take?:  I came from a metropolitan suburb, I gave smiles, and I couldn't take any chocolate.

-"Mandy" was a comic book that dealt with many story themes, including which of the following?:
[A] The love quarrels between Pierre and Marie Curie.
[B] Girls pretending to be disabled in order to take advantage of people.
[C] How to build a nuclear shelter.
[D] Combing your boyfriend's hair.

I would say [B].  [Correct!]  That is a dramatic comic book!

-What would you say are the benefits of having nearly identical arm and leg length?:  Reaching things off tall shelves and Turkish belly dancing.  I remember when I went gym in grade school, our shorts had to go down to the tips of our fingers and mine went down to my knees.  I couldn't find shorts that were that long and I got sent home a couple of days.  Or my mom would have to bring up replacement pants.