September 19: The Green Guide to Chicago

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:23 AM
Given to Grant from Davide.
Let's hope they're not talking about the food
On my way to see Grant this evening, election season came to the forefront of my mind, which then got me thinking about a deep dark secret that I need to unburden myself from.  If you're a parent with young kids at home, the following admission involves PG-rated content; it's safe for them to read along with you.

During my sophomore year in college, I was mesmerized the name of a local political candidate running for office--Bill Anfang.  At the same time, I was taking intro German and learned that the word 'anfang' means 'to begin'.  On my way home for fall break in mid-October, I pilfered a very large Bill Anfang sign, took it on a short car ride, and set it up in my parent's front yard.

About three or four days after it proudly stood in their yard, a few neighbors came up to my parents and inquired about who Bill Anfang was.  I think they told them a different story every time and periodically over election season, neighbors would ask my dad who this character was.  Well, long story short, my dad reports back to me after election day that there were a few write-in votes for Bill Anfang that year for Mayor!

When getting the ball in the post,
Grant likes to go to work in
"the President's Office."
-Profession: Professor of Philosophy and College President

-Favorite instruction to a barber: Not too short

-Do you have a vested personal interest that all college students at your school get more 'grants' than loans?:  No, but I do have a vested interest that all students get 'Grant' before they graduate.  I'm always trying to convey messages to them and I work hard at it.

-At age 7, Ulysses Grant almost died on a fishing excursion.  What do you think he was fishing for?:  I'm a philosopher, so I would say the truth.  My guess is that he was probably fishing for sunfish.

-As an NBA aficionado, you probably have noticed that several young centers (i.e. Andrew Bynum, JaVale McGee) in the league have been mentored by some of the all-time greats (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon).  Who would be the worst person you could have as a mentor?:  LeBron James.  I can't make my body do anything he does.  I'd see it, get it, and fail in execution.