September 21: Pack of Three Ornament Frames

Saturday, September 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:48 AM
Given to Joe from Sarah.

Joe showed up for his gift exchange with a large coffee traveler his companion, getting up only a couple of hours before our lunchtime exchange.  He freely admitted he hated coffee--the smell, the taste, being addicted to caffeine, the culture around it--until he started working for his current civil engineering firm where they offered free joe.  Now, he drinks a cup to stay awake during the day.  I asked him what his first cup tasted like and he said "it was not positive".  Unless it's really good, he says the taste can sometimes get his papillae running for his throat.  And no one, he says, wants to kiss anyone with disgusting coffee breath.

Agreed.  On those lines, I offer an hour and a half "service" whenever I get my teeth cleaned.  On the day of a cleaning, I will eat a sizable breakfast--enough to last me the morning.  The hygienist will go in there--first scraping off the plaque build-up, then brushing, then flossing--leaving my mouth contaminant free (no coffee breath for miles around) and fresh for the kissing.  Given these pristine conditions, I will offer to kiss any girl for free for the hour and a half during the key time when my mouth is a model of sanitation and before I get greeted by arch-nemesis Hungers McGoogan.  Next cleaning: February 2013.

-Profession: Civil Engineer

-Favorite item to scrub: Toilet

-Before you drank coffee, did you advertise that your breath was fresher to the ladies?:  Not intentionally.
-During your pre-coffee (P.C.) days, did you eat coffee ice cream?:  No, I didn't like the flavor.
-Other than mint, what would be an effervescent food flavor?: Whiskey.

-You love movies.  In what year do you think the futuristic Regal cinemas trailer was set in?:  2005 set from its production year of 1980.

-You enjoy adventure sports and have run with the bulls in Pamplona, skydived and bunjee jumped.  Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dyin' talks about "skydiving and Rocky Mountain climbing".  What would be the title of a Tim McGraw sequel song about bull running and bunjee jumping?:  "Crack of the Bunjee Whip"