September 8: Disco Queen Fish Christmas Ornament

Saturday, September 8, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:43 PM
Given to Cathy from Becky.

What in Jack LeLane's name is this?  It appears in one regard there is no difference between a question about the origin of the universe, for example, and this Christmas ornament.  There's no difference because when you raise one question, it leads to several other questions, which then lead to other questions.

If you start by asking, "What soul decided to make something like this?", you raise questions about their childhood and early influences (if they had bad or good experiences with fish and/or discotheques).  Did they have an aquarium and were they allowed to feed the fish inside it?  Did the parents of this individual enjoy tilapia for dinner, followed by disco beats as their baby-making music?  You see what I mean?  And I haven't even talked about the cast maker of these so they can be mass-produced or the owner of the store who buys these for the shop or the people who are, in turn, purchasing them.  All of the characters weave such a tangled web, it leaves your head spinning and you none the wiser once you manage to extract yourself out of this mind-numbing inner discourse.

Lastly, most of our goods, such as this one, are made in China.  I didn't look to see if it was or not, but I don't believe anyone in China could come up with this design.  A disco moose I could see.  But not a disco fish.

-Profession: Actor/Teacher

-Favorite line in a play: "Why Jesus wasn't even born until I was a junior in college--I remember it distinctly."-from Steel Magnolias

-Pair the modern day actor to his suitable Shakespearean character:
-Charlie Sheen:   Iago
-Betty White:        Doll Tearsheet
-Tom Hanks:       Malvolio
-Hilary Swank:    Olivia

-Your grandchildren are important to you.  Rank the following items you want to leave them from least to most important: commemorative coins, U.S. Treasury bonds, your DNA, family jewels
1) U.S. Treasury bonds
2) commemorative coins
3) family jewels
4) my DNA

-What percent of the time are you tempted to take the mints or mint-flavored toothpicks when leaving a restaurant?:  100% of the time.  I also like the candy in the bowls, too.