September 14: Sudoku book, 2 packs of Microwave Popcorn, Mini-M&Ms, and $10

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:29 AM
Given to Angela from Kerry.

I drive a Ford Edge, a mid-side SUV I really like--it drives great and is big enough for me (I'm a tall drink of a human).  Its official color (straight from the dealership) is 'creme brulee'.  When I needed AAA for a jump a few weeks ago, they asked me the mileage on the vehicle, the make, model, and then finally what the color of it was.  I said, "Creme brulee." Following a surprising awkward pause, they asked me for another similar color.  I replied, "It's cafe au lait-like, but with less espresso."  So, it's coffee-colored?  Not precisely, I said, but perhaps something like parchment that's been exposed to the centuries of decay and has lost its brilliance.  Come again, sir?  "Pearl, with less luster?"  "Ivory?"  Still confused, I gave in to them.  It's off-white.  I'm so upset with myself for caving in.

-Profession: Student Affairs

-Favorite Spanish saying: Pura Vida!  (Pure life!)

-Based on Frank McCourt's suggestion, is it an inevitability that you will be cremated?:  Yes.  It's the cycle of the world.

-You've been to every country in Central America by bus, which makes the Greyhound bus line look like ________.:  a South American company.  It's about the same, actually.  Their line is call "Tica Bus" and they actually have an animal that looks like a greyhound as its logo.  However, you have the tell the driver when you need to use the bathroom and he might pull over at the side of the road.

-You're somewhat newly married.  If Americans take honeymoons, do Canadians take maple-syrup-moons?:  Probably...they should.  Canadians are probably less obnoxious, less Hawaiian shirt wearing on their maple syrup moons than we are on our honeymoons.