September 5: Large New Kids on the Block pin and Cleveland Cavaliers Hat

Thursday, September 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:45 AM
Given to Richard from Tim.
The Cavaliers had better 'face the music by 'hangin' tough'
and taking their season 'step by step' by passing the ball
into 'the block' more often
It's the symbolic end of summer once Labor Day is passed.  Fall will be coming shortly and I'll be looking to take a vacation.  I've scoured my address book to see if any friends would be interested in going on a week's voyage with me--somewhere, anywhere.  No dice.  Everyone I've asked is either saving vacation time to come home to see their loved ones at Thanksgiving or Christmas or have already used it earlier in the year.  I even asked some acquaintance-type people if they wanted to bum around with me.  However, being that they're acquaintances, I wasn't sure if they knew enough about what I brought to the table as a travel companion.  That can be risky.  I think any couple before they get serious with one another should go on a road trip together--it is analogous to an intro-level weed-out course.

In the hopes of quelling any fears, I put together a travel resume, highlighting both my general skills, as well as specific skills, that I bring to the table.  In case you'd like to come along with me this fall, here are my general skills:
  •  Can convert dollars to foreign currency within 40% accuracy
  • Above-average conversationalist in museums and on guided trips
  • Actively working on committing Rick Steves’ travel guides to memory
  • No prior bad trip “baggage”
  • Saves airline salt and pepper packets for future use
  • Owns a watch

Cured his disease with some Q-tips,
Laffy Taffy, and cod liver oil
-Profession: Anachronistic Child

-Favorite Coldplay song: Amsterdam

-Richard is a form of street football.  What would a player practice his juke move on before trying it out in a game situation?:  A mailbox.

-There are tons of historical British aristocrats named Richard.  What would your title be and what would you be known for?:  I would be known as Sir Doctor Jester Richard the 17th.  And I would be known for curing a disease I created.

-If you merged Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver), Richard Petty (race car driver), and Richard Nixon (former U.S. President) into one person, what would you get?:  It would just be me.  I'm good with my hands, I like driving forward, and I'm scandalous.