September 3: Ceramic Turtle

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:12 AM
Given to Joyce from Taylor.
Even ceramic turtles come out ahead
Ahh, today is Labor Day for about 60% of the U.S. population.  It's an extended weekend for many of us, except for those working in retail or in the service industry where those laborers obeyed the drone of their alarm clocks this morning to frost our bagels with cream cheese, re-fold a pair of Dockers trousers, or mop the polished granite tile that will get scuffed by the 60% of us tomorrow.  One worker at Discount Drug Mart told me it wasn't so bad--she didn't want to spend extended hours with her fam, plus she got time and a half today to wait on the trickle of humans coming in hoping to be saved some runaround.

I took the opportunity in the slight majority to Skype with my friends from Sweden.  Normally if we get the opportunity to chat, it is on the weekend when both of us are off.  Somewhat rhetorically they asked me if it was Labor Day.  When I answered yes, they laughed at me and continued laughing.  Embarrassed, but not knowing why, I inquired about their snickering.  With the best trash-talking I've seen a pair of Swedes do, they told me that it's much better to live in a country with a national religion because you get all the religious holidays off that account for more days off than the random federal holidays we get off, including Labor Day.  I'm moving to Brazil.

Her cereals are clamoring for change
-Profession: Supervisor

-Favorite rest stop feature: Lottery machine

-If a copier committed a series of burglaries around town and then a copycat copier sprang up and committed burglaries, what would they be stealing?:  Copywritten articles and money.

-Do you have a normal milk pairing to all of your cereals or do you match different kinds of milk with different cereals (i.e. 1% with oatmeal, whole with Special K)?:  I go with 2% for everything.  I'm set in my ways.

-If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take one of the following with you (collate, copy, staple, 3-hole punch, and bind), which would it be?:  If I have to take one, I would take 'copy'.  But I don't see how any of those would be helpful on a deserted island.