September 6: Ceramic Snoopy Bank

Thursday, September 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:35 PM
Given to Harry from Richard.
Where's the Red Baron?
Today's topic may be a little esoteric for most of you, but work with me for a minute.  Last evening, I played the Chinese tile game Mahjongg with my mom, brother and sister.  The gist of the game is you form runs of certain tiles that are based on a number of listed combinations.  You also announced the tiles you are discarding by saying, for example, "4 bam".  It's really good fun.  But I don't think a guest could catch up with the way we've morphed the names of the different tiles.  See the picture below for a  reference.

Here are some examples of what I'm taking about:
-See the 1 dot (the tile in the upper left corner).  We affectionately refer to it as ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) since it looks like an 'O' and is a dot.

-My favorite is calling out the 2 Bam (bamboos) because it is always followed by "or not to bam".

-In the wind family, this is probably the most confusing.  Take note of the West wind.  When you say it, it sounds like the way Marv Albert says "Westwood One" when he's doing a sports radiocast on that network.  We've transitioned from saying Westwood One the way Marv says it to "do do do" (with some unique inflection), which is the sound the network cues when going to a commercial break.

-The cracks (characters) are just a whole can of crazy worms.  3 crack (or any other one in that family) opens the discussion up to who's on crack and what a crack addition can lead to.

$30 could also get him a really
fancy armpit hair comb
-Profession: Retired Executive and Engineer

-Favorite day of the week: Sunday

-What do you think Woodstock is trying to communicate to Snoopy that only Snoopy can understand?: That birds and dogs are easier to deal with than people.

-What body part is acceptable to be hairy?:  Underarms

-If you used this bank, how much do you think it would hold?:  Around $30
-What would you do with the money you save?:  Probably use it on food or go out to eat.