September 12: UK Coffee Mug, 5 Pens, $10 Coldstone Creamery Giftcard, 1 Fun-Size Reese's Piece, and 1 Fun-Size Kit-Kat

Thursday, September 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:08 AM
Given to Melissa from Rachel.
Too much Coldstone and candy will get
you teeth appropriate for drinking out of
this cup
The work meeting I had tonight ranneth over and I ended up being about a half-hour late for my meet up with Melissa.  I did not have her cell phone number, so I resorted to calling the Starbucks where we were meeting, giving a police sketch description of her to the barista, and having that barista tell Melissa I was going to be a bit late.

Given that I was a half-hour late, Melissa and I spent a little time at the beginning of our night discuss being late. While this wasn't the case tonight, I don't get the people who set their clocks a certain amount of time ahead as a trick to have them be on-time for things.  What happens to them when they are traveling in a car and changing time zones?  Does the time change really mess things up for them?  I think it would because you'd have to do some quick mental math in the car in order to know the real time, then you'd be resetting your car clock and watch.  Then, because you can't do anything to change your cell phone time, that would add to the confusion.  These people could never have sundials in their yard; they could, I suppose, but it would be an improperly set sundial and neighbors and guests using the sundial to synchronize their watches would also be thrown off.  

I've just listed a few examples.  Watching favorite TV shows, for instances, presents the same challenge.  If tardy-come-latelys want to go through the trouble of converting their futuristic time to normal time, it's another step where human error can miscalculate the time and it would just be pointless since they could just set their clock/watch for what the rest of the world is using.

She's not hard-hatted at all
-Profession: Construction Management

-Favorite disco hit: "Stayin' Alive"

-You say you're more of a listener than a talker.  A talker is oftentimes referred to as "Chatty Cathy".  What would a listener be referred called?:  Silent Sally

-You love roller coasters.  Can you explain the paradox between airplanes who have vomit bags for each passenger and roller coasters who have none at all?:  Airborne-flying vomit (from a roller coaster) seems less olfactory offensive than vomit contained in the confines of an airplane.

-If you have a work dream, what color hard hat are you wearing?:  The color's hidden by a bunch of stickers.