August 17: Umbrella, Keychain Rubik's Cube, and Pack of AA batteries

Saturday, August 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:53 AM
Given to Jenny from Andy.

I love saving the day!  In the course of doing this gift exchange, I have been the intermediary that has passed on critically-needed gifts (i.e. a fishing rod and reel, garden water nozzle, etc).  Superman Santa struck again today!  Guess who needed an umbrella?  Jenny!  Guess who gave an umbrella?  Andy!  Jenny had one umbrella, but it is in need of repair and she was actually looking to buy one.  That gave the situation a turbo-boost of excitement when I presented her gift one.

Gift two was a pack of double A batteries that Andy told me like five times to tell the recipient were "dusty, but they work great, so don't worry".  The last gift is a keychain Rubik's cube, which he also advised me to say he solved on his own and, that if the recipient knew what was good for them, they would leave it well enough alone if they wanted order.

-Profession: Unemployed

-Favorite tire: The last one on my Dodge Neon

-What fringe unemployment benefit should be offered to those seeking work?:  A free meal at the person's favorite restaurant

-In your previous positions, you traveled a lot.  Please answer 'acceptable' or 'unacceptable' on whether the following items could be purchased on a business trip:
-Skymall item--acceptable
-oil change--acceptable (if needed only)

-You are three weeks into your brand spanking new marriage and wrote your own wedding vows for your ceremony.  If you used traditional wedding vows, please elaborate on the following:

-for rich or for poorer: what is the financial ceiling and basement your spouse has to make?  rich-$200K/year; poor-$35K/year

-in sickness and in health: what ailment(s) would you most want him not to get? nothing more than a sore throat; for his good health, what should his resting heart rate be?  80

-in good times and bad: what are you good times?  being healthy and together; bad times? being apart