August 30: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie and $10 Giftcard to Joe's Deli (on Sunday)

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:45 PM
Given to Edwin from Fanny.

An auto mechanic being chauffeured in a limo.  A nurse giving blood.  A counselor taking advice.  You get the idea.  Situations of people doing things they "shouldn't" be doing or at least doing things we wouldn't expect to see them doing.  You'd do a double take, I'm sure, if you saw a physical therapist  slouching on a couch.  Or a dentist eating a chocolate chip cookie.

There's certainly nothing wrong with a dentist munching away on a chocolate chip cookie, but it just seemed scandalous.  After I presented Edwin with his gift today, he must have had the mid-morning hungers when he started munching on his cookie.  Behind my placid expression, I thought, "WHAT?!? NO?!?!  SWEET PRINCE OF PERSIA!  SOMEONE CALL PAULA DEEN!!"  I covertly looked around at the office staff and they seemed perfectly fine with it, too.  The fourth wall had been broken.

Now, I want to send a personal note of reassurance to Edwin: I hope you continue your cookie eating habits and please don't change anything on my behalf.  In fact, for my next appointment, I'll bring the milk and a snicker doodle, k?

The $10 gift certificate says it's only good on Sundays.  Har har, the restaurant is closed on Sundays.  Cue the disappointment music.

Brushed between each bite of his
-Profession: Dentist

-Favorite tooth: Anyone without a cavity

-When you get together with colleagues at professional dental conferences, do any of you broach the subject of magazine subscriptions?:  No, not really.  But there are some that would push the envelope.  We get two copies of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and there have been a few Entertainment Weekly covers with nude covers.

-Do you dread your dental check-up?:  No.  I've never had any dental work done.

-There are health education campaigns to encourage young children to brush and floss.  How might you encourage a senior citizen to floss?:  Tell them it's bourbon-flavored.