August 20: Renaissance Fair Flower Bouquet in Pair of Booties

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 7:59 AM
Given to Michael from Amy.

This gift needs a little explanation.  Upon meeting Amy, I told her of my gift exchange to which she happily agreed to participate.  She then set about the entire afternoon trying to find the perfect gift.  I may have inadvertently tipped the scales to a more naturalistic gift when I offered to buy each member of our group a temporary tattoo (of a cauldron, for instance).  I asked a few of the shops if they had temporary tattoos, but they said all the gifts had to be "period relevant", and thus, the only tattoos we could get were the ones an artist had to drawn on a person with washable ink.

Upon hearing this, Amy went about collecting flowers and branches to make a nice Renaissance bouquet for Michael.  Her arrangement was nearly complete and then a small offshoot group of us went to get a complimentary hand scrub (delightful).  In was in the hand scrub woman's tent that Amy told her of the gift project she was undertaking, and the woman gave her a pair of decorative booties that presumably should fit Michael.

I did manage to find several books of temporary tattoos at the book store and we all affixed ourselves with either a Norse or magically-themed tattoo.

-Profession: Test Accommodations Manager

-Favorite psychological test: Weschler Test

-Given your love and possession of many toys, along with your now jaded view of politics, please pair the current President and Vice Presidential candidates with what you think their toy representative should be:
-Obama--basketball (athletic)
-Biden--toy train (reserved, but outgoing)

-Romney--Game of RISK (competitive)
-Ryan--set of cups and game of table tennis (adult frat boy)

-You enjoy Japanese comic books.  Is there any onomonopia that exists in those books, but just wouldn't fly in a U.S. edition?:  Yes, you would never hear someone here give a primordial scream, such as RAWR!  No one vocalizes how they feel.  And no one would ever make the sound 'Yiiii' in the U.S.

-You have a company that brings film shorts from around the country to local screens.  If someone made a 10-minute short about your shopping for a new pair of shoes, what would the focus be?:  It would be about searching for specific footwear.  I don't really care about the shoe--I care about the memory of having the shoe I liked at one point.  I'm on a journey to find this pair of shoes again because I met someone important in these shoes.