August 18: The Classic Cookbook, Cinco de Mayo stuffed Monkey, and a Deck of Travel Tips Cards

Saturday, August 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:09 PM
Given to Mary Beth from Jenny.

Jenny brought a power-packed trio of gifts for Mary Beth: a cookbook she was willing to part with from her collection; a stuffed monkey she got from Chicago's Cinco de Mayo festival two years ago, which had been residing on her dryer; and a deck of travel tips cards, which jumped out as Jeopardy categories to me when I was thumbing through them.

Here are some sample question responses based on the categories above:

Road Tripping: What is an illegal activity college students do on spring break in Mexico?
Pack Rat: Who is Martin, Dean?
Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Where the hell is Burt Wolf?
The Waiting Game: What is the runs without Immodium?
Women with Wanderlust: What is an easy score?
What Watt?: Who is James, the inventor of the steam engine?

Burt Wolf should not sleep with my
Cinco de Mayo monkey
Mary Beth
-Profession: Programs and Public Relations

-Favorite perennial: Iris

-You have a zucchini.
% you steam it: 10
% you fry it: 30
% you grill it: 50
% you eat it raw: 5
% you bake with it: 5

-When there's no one in sight, how do you think businesses tow non-patrons from their parking lot?  What if they are taking a long time shopping in their store?:  I think they all have someone who comes out.  You could probably put a little pressure on them if you get one, but if you're a no name, there's no chance you'll get out of it.

-What's the acceptable age limit to sleep with stuffed animals?:  No age.  If it feels good, do it!  But it would be a little weird if a guy was doing it.