August 22: Bobblehead Dog and Cat Ears

Thursday, August 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:59 AM
Given to Matt from Rachel.
When you see these, what do you hear first in your head--
a cat 'mrrow' or dog' woof'?
As I mentioned yesterday, Rachel wanted to regift some remnants from her family's white elephant gift exchange--this bobblehead dog and pair of cat ears.  A bit surprisingly, I got two diverse reactions from Matt: his workplace name has a dog in it, so he thought the dog doll could fit nicely there, but when I told him I needed to get a photo taken of the items to post in the blog, he said, "I am not wearing them when you photograph me" before I even ripped the velcro strap open.

It must be my week for inciting polar opposite reactions.  At work, the janitors placed urinal pads in the men's urinals and these green wavy air fresheners in the bathrooms in the building I work in.  I'm not a big fan of smells in general, so I was at first turned off by them.  But after my third or fourth trip to the bathroom, I began to wonder if the smell was more pina colada or fruit punch.  I started asking people using the bathrooms what they thought and I got reactions from "wtf?" to "if it was more pina colada, it would probably be more yellow in color than green" to "if bars were smart and these were pina colada, they would put these air fresheners around the bar, which would encourage people to drink more pina coladas".  In my opinion, it probably follows the typical Dum-Dum sucker flavors, meaning a less-than-accurate-color to go with the corresponding flavor.

Questioned faith after parents painted
living room in beige
-Profession: Business Development

-Favorite classic novel: Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

-One of your previous jobs was painting houses.  If you can't remember one, please make up a New-Agey sounding paint color:  Jesus Rockstar Peach Camomile.
-How about the most non-descript paint color you can imagine: Beige.  I never got anything out of beige.

-In your company bio, you list "sleeping" as a hobby.  Would being in a relationship with an insomniac dissolve over time?:  It depends.  If they are a fundamental insomniac, no problem.  But, if they are a needy insomniac and would need me to spend time with them when they're not sleeping, that could cause a potential rift.

-In what ways are you other peoples' door-matt?:  I'm definitely a people pleaser.  There's a definite customer service quality to my character, most specifically with my family.