August 24: Bottle of Jaegermeister and Stone Earrings and Necklace

Friday, August 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:14 PM
Given to Olivia from Toni.

From time to time, I'll partake in a Panera Bread sandwich and coffee.  About a year ago, they instituted a rewards card program where you swipe your card when you order and the more you order, the more savings you get.  For example, you may get a free pastry or free coffee or a sandwich for only $3.00.  But after a year, I'm tired.  I'm tired of stuffing my gullet with bagels in order to get a free panini.  If I see another cinnamon bun, my pancreas is going to start looking for his successor.  And I want something new!

I stopped into my local Panera chain this morning, robotically giving them my card to swipe, then getting a couple of bagels.  I posed the question to the unassuming manager if I could possibly expand the normal rewards of food and see if I could get some personalized perks.  For example, use of their lightning-quick toaster ovens for a day or bringing my bagels in for a year if I'd like them sliced by one of the high school help.  I currently don't own a mop bucket, so maybe having someone stop over my place when they're finishing up their chores to give my kitchen floor a once-over would be great.  I can use that!  Someone cutting my lemon into little wedges so I can poshly squeeze one in my filtered water when I'm settling in for an episode of Battlestar Galatica would be great.

The party's got to have eggs,
cheese, and...
-Profession: General Electric Engineer

-Favorite beverage to bring to a party: Welch's Grape Soda

-Olivia is a Finnish women's magazine.  What do you think they poll about?:  The percent of people who travel outside the country.
-What advice do they frequently offer?:  What to wear during the summer in Scandinavia.
[The magazine focuses on career, family, home and fashion.]

-Olivia Tremor Control is an American indie rock band.  Who/what has tremors?:  People that are detoxing.
-What would they sing about to control the tremors?:  Alcohol?

-You love playing ultimate frisbee.  Could you stereotype your ugly cousins, frisbee golf players?:  They wear shoulder bags with all their frisbees that looks like purses--they're purse carriers.  They're too cool for real golf, but too lame for ultimate.