August 21: Starting Lineup Drew Bledsoe and Eric Lindros figurines and Bottle of Kasteel Rouge Beer

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:18 AM
Given to Rachel from Michael.

I stumbled upon an individual who does a yearly white elephant gift exchange with her family, and in fact, her gifts for tomorrow's recipient were the leftovers from this past year's exchange.  But it was not always a long-standing tradition in her family.  Before the incorporation of the white elephant exchange, her family just gave each other dumpy presents.  Then it was someone's brainy idea to say, "Hey, I'm tired of getting crap from Aunt Joan.  If we call it a white elephant gift party, the gifts won't suck as much."  And really, folks, that's just the way it happened.  Bravo!

Could you imagine if you applied that thinking to other situations?
-"Dad, I think your lasagna tastes bad." [Dad sighs]
-"Well Porter, it's actually Lean Cuisine lasanga."
-"Oh, tastes all right."

-"Rick, how loonnng is it going to take us to get to Seattle?  I hate riding in the car"
-"I don't know, honey, another 27 hours or so." [woman sighs]
-"Drop me off somewhere, anywhere...I don't care."
-"Honey, aren't you looking forward to your shoe shopping trip that we planned on in the city?"
-"This car ride is fun!  Yey!

-Profession: Economic Development Analyst

-Favorite utensil: Spatula

-You once competed in a competitive dill pickle eating contest.  Did the voice of the Vlasic pelican urge you to continue on?:  It didn't.  I think of dill pickles as deli foods rather than grocery store food.  That probably would have helped me as I presume it helped the winner.  [Rachel ate 15 pickles in 5 minutes]

-You like Cleveland because you like an underdog.  Complete this sentence: When Cleveland has _____, it will no longer be an underdog.:  My token answer is 'sports championship', but my non-token answer is 'water taxi'.

-Two part question that centers around your having a motorcycle license.
-A) What famous person--dead or alive--would you like have wrapping their arms around you as you motor down the highway?:  James Dean because I want someone who knows how to ride one because of the weight balance.
B) What famous person--dead or alive--would you like have riding in the side car?:  Vampire-slaying Abe Lincoln.  I think it would be entertaining because of his height.