August 23: "Legend" DVD and Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Friday, August 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:06 AM
Given to Toni from Matt.
If your date stands you up, there's always this
Clap your hands together, children, there's a story with today's gifts.  Matt was traveling to Australia a few years ago and, as he was going through airport security, a TSA employee asked him if he had any beef jerky in his luggage.  Believing it to be some kind of security risk, Matt replied that he didn't have any.  He asked the TSA employee why.  Evidently, TSA Paul Hogan said that most Americans travel with beef jerky and assumed Matt had some in his luggage.  His attention now aware, Matt noticed that his friends domestically would seemingly have beef jerky on every road trip, in their glove compartment, etc.  He told me he wanted to pass along something American and, err, I guess he succeeded.

Second is the 1985 Tom Cruise masterpiece Legend where he must prevent the Lord of Darkness from destroying daylight while simultaneously marrying the woman he loves. Matt wanted to pass along a quality flick and I think his inclination for a more fresh-faced Cruise rather than the Eyes Wide Shut version is something I'm sure Toni (and 97% of the known universe) appreciates.

Has had 58 knee replacements
-Profession: Certified Real Estate Appraiser

-Favorite part of a house inspection: Meeting the people who own the house

-T.O.N.I. is an acronym for the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence.  Name two non-verbal communications your husband does that shows he's intelligent:
1) one of those agreeing looks when he shakes his head...urging me to get on with it
2) he's a theater director and he squeezes my knee really hard when the show's not going well

-Is there anything you can act out that would win you a Tony?:  I don't act.  But people will tell me anything.  People will open up when I talk with them.

-What would 'fantasy estate' be?:  Mystical and mythical.  If you wanted something--anything--it would appear.  There would be the sounds of kids playing all the time.  I love that sound.