August 11: Organic African Nectar Tea & Set of 6 Tea Cups

Saturday, August 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:19 PM
Given to Carrie from Beth.
The teapot's steamed because she's not in the photo
For most any NFL team, yesterday was the start of pre-season American football.  It's a little early, but you'll sometimes hear commentators talk about how the game "slows down" for a player and he's able to make more accurate throws or read the line of scrimmage better than the other players on the field because he understands what's going on.  In a similar vein, the day has slowed down for me today.  Things are moving at a snail's pace in my brain today.  Am I a professional football player?  Nope, just an average Joe with a bad cold.

There are quite a few perks to being under the weather.  First off, I could care less about anything but sleep.  That's all I've been thinking about.  Normally, I'm wondering where my next meal is coming from.  Now, it's bedtime and every time my back hits the cushy mattress, it's sweet surrender time.  Joke punch lines have a lag time of at least 6 seconds, so by the time everyone is done laughing at the joke, I'm just getting it and prolonging the laughter like they do in Austin Powers or the new Casa de mi Padre film, even when the joke isn't that funny.  Also, my cell phone bill usually has some surcharges during this time because I'm calling every girl in my contact list, leaving seductive messages because I sound like Barry White's white cousin.  I've known girls to keep those messages for months after I leave them.  If I wasn't contagious, those messages would keep my place chocked full o' ladies.

#2 pencils can cheer up a piece of paper
-Profession: Joyfully Retired Teacher

-Favorite writing instrument: #2 pencil--it hugs the paper and sets right in there

-Carrie is a type of mango and carrie trees are vigorous growers.  When was your greatest growth spurt?:  When I married my husband.  I grew a lot as a person because he shared so much with me.

-Cary Grant's real name is what?:
[A] Sir Ruffington Lexus
[B] London Cochran
[C] Archibald Alexander Leach
[D] Alfred Sinclair Smith

[C]  He's my favorite actor.  I like to settle in with some popcorn any time one of his movies is on.

-What your favorite part about adding, for example, 19 and 12 together or subtracting 19 from 32?:  Borrowing?  Regrouping?  Is this a new math or old math question?  Ah!  Carrying the 1!