June 20: Garden Water Nozzle, Pair of Gardening Gloves, and Spray Can

Thursday, June 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 3:14 AM
Given to Lori from Nancy.
If you even touch this nozzle, it turns into a billy club
I should go back and rename yesterday's story "Junk to Treasure: Part 1" and name today's story "Junk to Treasure: Part 2".  Nancy lives on the 16th floor and wanted to bring some green to her living space.  She went out and got a bunch of plants and made her balcony space look like a jungle.  Literally the day after she gets her final plant on the balcony, a call comes from her landlord to take everything down because they were going to completely renovate the entire facade of her building.  Goodbye nozzle, gloves, and spray can because Nancy couldn't use them anymore.

I pack the items up in my bag and give them to Lori.  Honestly, I've never seen anyone more thrilled by a garden water nozzle than she was this morning.  As it turns out, she just mentioned to her husband last week about getting one of these for her outdoor watering needs because she waters everything now by carrying buckets of water around the yard.  Welcome to Martha Stewart watering!

European b.o. could use a "woman's
-Profession: Graphic Designer

-Favorite kind of door: Wooden Door with Big Brass Animal Knocker

-In your spare time, you garden.  Do you talk to your plants?: No
-If you did, would you tell them what they wanted to hear or what was good for them?:  I'd say something like, "C'mon buddy, grow!  I sacrificed a pair of new shoes for you."  And actually that's true.  My priorities have changed where I've put so much money into the plants that I had to give up a new pair of shoes.

-When in the U.K., would you ask for a ride in a truck or lorry?:  A lorry, of course!

-On a cross-country trip that lasted one month, you took three showers.  In retrospect, you admit that's too low a time-to-shower ratio.  What's the minimum ratio?:
Who am I to dictate how people should keep themselves clean?  I am an active rower and shower every day in the summer.  But I only wash my hair every three days.

My husband and I went to Europe on our honeymoon and actually sought people out who smelled to come back and say we smelled some Europeans.  The only time I was put off by it was when we were on our way home and there were these two smelly guys near our boarding area.  If they were seated on the same plane, I would have gotten sick.