August 25: Ultimate Frisbee Disc, Tommy Hilfiger Going Out Purse, and Rite Aid Disposable Camera

Sunday, August 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:55 AM
Given to Michelle from Olivia.

Toll booth operator has got to be a rough job, eh?  I was traversing several toll roads this weekend and thought they were a poor lot, not because they're bad people, mind you, but have they a tough job.  First off, they live in a 2 ft. x 2.5. ft. greenhouse.  I think anytime you can comfortably touch each side of your dwelling with your arms partially extended, you've got a problem.  However, the one potential perk would be being able to grow your own tomatoes.

If you wanted to get rich and run off with the money collected, that also would be tough.  When you're collecting $2.75 here and $1.55 there, it would take a really long time to amass some serious coin.  When you did collect enough, you'd need one of those tricked-out Mini Coopers like they use in the Italian Job to haul all that away.  And presuming you have both the change and Mini Cooper, you wouldn't be able to retire on $190.  Then you'd have to come back hat-in-hand asking for your job back.

I know people who've worked check-in jobs before (in larger spaces).  Even it's a little mundane, you can still find time to read a book or a magazine or study if you're a student (I've never seen a college-age student in a toll booth).  But with cars constantly zipping through the lanes, I would think it'd be very hard to follow a narrative for a book or concentrate long enough to get a Cosmo quiz finished.

Was she listening to Sir Mix A Lot
earlier today?
-Profession: PR

-Favorite marinade: Any of the ones at Trader Joe's

-Spell out three other possibilities for what P.R. could stand for:
1) pretty rotund
2) perfect recipe
3) protruding rear

-When's the last time someone's called you "four eyes"?:  Never
-Can someone be called "four eyes" if they wear contacts?: No
-If someone who used to wear glasses got Lasik surgery, would they still suffer from the same stereotype?:  Yes, I would say so.

-Are you impressed with the sound of your own loud crunch of a potato chip?:  I would say yes...especially when I'm eating a Fox & Obel.