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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:33 AM
Given to Emily from Jody.

I'm presenting a little series this week called "Do's and Don'ts".  Each day of the week, I'll feature what women and men should and should not do to attract mates.

GUY-DO'S:  I was enjoying lunch with a friend today and he was talking about how he wanted to learn how to play the guitar because it would be a "chick magnet".  He dreams of going to parties, sitting in the corner and letting the women flock to him or strumming his six string with a fire crackling away in the out of doors (my other friend calls this "campfire good").

Now, playing a guitar campfire good is but one way men can endear themselves to women.  Find a puppy and you could look like the aliens from Mars Attacks! and women would still talk with you.  I believe a puppy is the simple most generous vehicle in which men can meet women.  That or piles of money.

Next you have cooking.  This is more for the discerning woman, but is less visceral, but still strongly sensory.  If a guy can expand his efforts outside of the grill [if a guy can't work a grill, I suggest you quickly back your way into this through a $52.99 George Foreman grill] and reheated soup, he has a chance.

-Profession: Editor

-Favorite game show: Jeopardy!

-You enjoy watching TV and list the TV, DVR and TiVO as some of the greatest inventions ever.  If someone wanted to hang with you, what show(s) might get booted from the line-up?:  Any of the reality shows (i.e. Biggest Loser, X-Factor).  My husband and I can get through them quickly when we fast forward.

-Are there any shows that you are adamant about seeing live and won't miss to hang with someone?:  Any of the award shows and Ohio State football.  Survivor, too.  If there was an NSync Reunion Tour, I don't think I could reschedule.

-What kind of snacks can you make during commercial breaks?:  I don't watch commercials.  But, I'm pretty quick at making nachos and apples with peanut butter.  I wonder if my husband finds them too loud when we're watching TV?

-You're from a town named Napoleon.  Do people walk around with little man complexes?:  Surprisingly no.  It's the "big" city in the area, so I think people may have a touch of a big city complex.