August 9: Maloney & Novotny Hot & Cold Drinking Glasses

Friday, August 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:14 AM
Given to Deidre from Mario.

Today is day four of "Do's & Don'ts" and today we're focusing on GIRL-DON'Ts.  Tomorrow's the last day in the series, featuring things couples should pay special attention to.
Before sailing to the Bahamas, don't forget your
corporate logo-ed cups
GIRL-DON'Ts: I'd say guys collectively refer to girls who wear perfume/scented lotion as girl smell.  I've talked about it before.  But don't wear too much.  If all we smell is black raspberry, we'll think you're one and you may lose your ear by the end of the night.

It would be a grave, grave error to wear anything our mom would wear.  And it would keep a counselor busy.

Lastly, if you still buy glass ketchup bottles, please don't use a butter knife to get the remaining ketchup out.  It's a turn-off, man.

Obama-Romney Debate =
$15,000 chest of drawers surprise
-Profession: Small Business Collective Marketing Manager

-Favorite Jell-O: The red one--cherry

-As an expert marketer, can you tell me who this blog is brought to you by (much like in the vein of Sesame Street; i.e. the letter R)?:  The color orange.

-In your spare time, you enjoy playing tennis.  Do you think if people made requests like they do announcing the tennis score (i.e. 40, love), would more things get done?:  Absolutely!  Everyone would smile much more every day.  Though, it might be a little weird though if my boss would ask me, "Could you write a proposal on this, love?"

-There are about 90 days until the U.S. Presidential election.
-What would you like to do more than watch election coverage?:  Ride my bike
-What would you like to do less than watch election coverage?:  Clean my toilet
-What activity feels a lot like watching election coverage?:  Watching Antiques Roadshow